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Code With Mu

Mu is a simple code editor for beginner programmers. It's written in Python and works on Windows, OSX, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

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Less is More

Mu has only the most essential features, so users are not intimidated by a baffling interface.

Path of Least Resistance

Whatever the task, there is always only one obvious way to do it with Mu.

Keep it Simple

It's quick and easy to learn Mu ~ complexity impedes a novice programmer's first steps.

Have fun

Learning should inspire fun ~ Mu helps learners quickly create and test working code.


Mu for Windows

Download the .exe file and double-click to launch. For the REPL to work please install this driver.

Download for Windows


Mu for OSX

Download the file. Right (control) click on it and select open to make Mu work first time.

Download for OSX


Mu for Linux

Make the file executable (chmod +x mu.bin). Ensure membership of the dialout or uucp groups.

Download for Linux