How to install Mu on macOS with the Official Installer

Installing Mu on macOS is super easy.

Step 1 - Download Mu Installer

Step 2 - Open the Installer

macOS open downloads
macOS downloads

When you open the installer you’ll be asked to accept the software license agreement and then your computer will verify the package is not corrupted (this may take a couple of minutes).

Step 3 - Install Mu

macOS installer step 1

Step 4 - Installing

Mu will install into the Applications folder on your Mac.

macOS installer step 2

Step 5 - Start Mu

macOS open downloads

Double-click on the Mu icon. You’ll see a dialog to check you want to open Mu. Click “Open”:

Click to Open

This can take some time as OSX checks the Mu package, but you’ll only ever have to do it once.

Mac OSX installer step 3