Download Mu

The simplest and easiest way to get Mu is via the official installer for Windows or Mac OSX (we no longer support 32bit Windows).

The current recommended version is Mu 1.1.0-beta-7. We advise people to update to this version via the links for each supported operating system. All previous beta versions of Mu can be downloaded from here. Windows users: due to the nature of MSI installers, please remove old versions of Mu before installing the latest version.

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Windows Installer

64-bit Instructions

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Mac OSX Installer

Download Instructions

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Python Package (Linux or Native Python)



On Linux, in order for Mu to work with the MicroPython based devices you need to ensure you add yourself to the correct permissions group (usually the dialout or uucp groups). Also make sure that your distribution automatically mounts flash devices, or make sure to mount them manually.

If you’re a developer, you can find the source code on GitHub. All our old releases can be found here.