How to install Mu on Windows with the Official Installer

Installing Mu in Windows is super easy.

Mu works on 64 bit versions of Windows. It’s a good idea to make sure your system to up-to-date with all Windows updates.

If you are in an educational setting you may need to get your system administrator to run the installer for you.

Step 1 - Download Mu Installer

Download the Windows installer.

Step 2 - Run the installer

Find the installer you just downloaded (it’s probably in your Downloads folder). Double-click the installer to run it.

Step 3 - License Agreement

Review the license, select the check box and click “Install”.

Windows installer license agreement

Step 4 - Installing

Go make a cup of coffee as Mu installs on your computer.

Windows installer installing

Step 5 - Complete

The installation has completed successfully, click “Finish” to close the installer.

Windows installer finished

Step 6 - Start Mu

You can start Mu by clicking on the icon in the Start menu or by typing “Mu” into the search box (both highlighted below).


Windows start mu