I’ve Found a Problem

As you’ll know from writing your own code, all software has bugs!

Mu is no exception and it’s likely you may discover some odd behaviour or Mu may report a problem.

If this is the case, we’ve created a guide to help you submit a bug report. We love getting feedback because bug reports help us to improve Mu and make it easy for our users to contribute back to the project.

However, before reaching out to us please remember that everyone who works on Mu is a volunteer. If you encounter a problem please be considerate and show respect for their time, efforts and feelings.

We expect everyone (include those submitting bugs) to behave in the spirit of the Python Software Foundation’s Code of Conduct.

To be clear, we love feedback, bug reports and ideas IF it is polite, coherent and comprehensive enough to allow us to make positive changes to improve Mu for everyone. We will not hesitate to call out, address and take action against anyone not behaving in the spirit of the code of conduct.