Installing Python Packages

Packages (sometimes called libraries or modules) are re-usable code which you can download, install and then use in your programs.

There is a huge collection of Python packages which you can use with Mu.

Mu comes with its own package installer which will download the code from the Python Package Index and install it so you can use it in your Mu projects.

Install 3rd party packages
Internet connection required

To install packages your computer will need to be connected to the internet and able to access

To install a package:

  1. In the “Python 3” mode, click on the Mu Administration cog in the bottom right.
Mu admin button
  1. Select the Third Party Packages tab.
Third Party Packages tab
  1. Enter the name of the package you wish to install e.g. guizero and click OK.
third party packages window with guizero entered
  1. The package will be collected (downloaded) and installed.
third party packages download and FINISHED message

Multiple packages can be installed by placing the name of individual packages on new lines e.g. to also install adventurelib you would add a 2nd line and click OK.

third party packages window with 2nd package adventurelib entered

Packages can be uninstalled by removing the package name from the list and clicking OK.

third party packages window with removed and FINISHED message